Education Program

The Foundation has organized the International School for Teachers in Schools and Institutions of Higher Learning. The school's departments offer full-time (jointly with the Moscow Open Education Institute) and part-time study. Leading Russian historians, educators and psychologists give lectures and conduct seminars. More than 300 teachers from Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus have received diplomas from the school. About 150 people have participated in the summer sessions of the school in Brest and Kiev. The school's best graduates are awarded internships at the Yad Vashem memorial complex in Jerusalem and at other museums worldwide.

In conjunction with the Swedish Embassy and the Open Society Institute, the International School has conducted eight seminars for more than 900 teachers from 62 regions of Russia (in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok, Archangelsk, Kaliningrad, Smolensk, Perm, and Petrozavodsk).

It has also prepared and published textbooks for schoolchildren (approved by the Russian Federation Ministry of Education), teachers and students (in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Target Program on Forming the Fundamentals of Tolerance), developed methodology and textbooks for lessons. It also prepared the sections "Holocaust in the USSR" for the Swedish book on the history of the Holocaust and for the textbook of the Israeli Open University.

Youth Center

The center brings together students and schoolchildren from Moscow and other cities. Its members collect letters from the war period and documents on the Righteous Among the Nations and transcribe the memoirs of the survivors. The center organized an expedition to the Smolensk Region together with local and German students. It has also restored burial grounds in a number of cities.

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